This customer wanted a prototype designed for their wearable design concept. We started with a prototype of the circuit to prove out the circuitry and start optimizing before we received the custom boards (pretty tight schedule). 

After some quick industrial design, we arrived at a concept that would at least allow for a professional looking proof-of-concept prototype to demonstrate to customers. This was a R&D phase anyway and the idea was to create some hardware to start playing with to help illuminate the next step for the device. We played with various mechanical designs including a flexible one which we were able to print out with our 3D printer. 

The device needed to be razor thin and flexible so we opted for a flex PCB. Since the board had to flex, we kept most of the sensitive components to the side and allowed the board to bend at the center. 

A custom light guide was then sourced to fit in our package so we ordered some samples and built up a bunch of prototypes in different colors, shapes and sizes so the customer could play around with them and see which ones they liked best.

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Wearable design