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UV Disinfection Lamp system

sourcing and integration

Certain Ultra-violet lights are great at killing bacteria on everyday surfaces and items. Our customer had an idea for a unique device that would use UVC to sterilize a particular set of items. They needed an electrical system designed into their existing mechanical prototype. 

We began researching possible form factors for the light bulb and we found a nice lamp size that was commonly used in toothbrush disinfection and similar niche markets. After testing samples from multiple vendors, we decided on one unit and began discussing pricing and availability. 

After finalizing the bulb dimensions and specifications, we worked with the manufacturer to design a ballast circuit that would power them. This circuit runs from common battery voltage and boosts to the high voltage that the bulbs require. 

We ran some stress testing on the system with the chosen battery arrangement and submitted all documentation to the customer with the prototype deliverable.