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our honeycomb series

a modular embedded development platform

We've developed a modular embedded platform that eases the budget, schedule and risk for new product development. These boards snap together to form an embedded hardware prototype with which we can then start on the firmware design. This provides off-the-shelf hardware for the end customer to realize a working prototype in a fraction of the time and budget of designing/building their own custom PCB. The system can then be evaluated by the customer and modified before sinking more money into a custom hardware platform. If that is the end goal, we can simply copy and paste these circuits into a custom PCB to meet the requirements of the specific project, and get it right the first time.

Every new project is assigned a project manager (PM). This individual is the single point of contact for the customer and the design/creation team and is chosen based on his or her similarities with the project goals. With a specific interest in the project's key technologies, each PM is well aligned to execute a viable design path and find the specialists that can get it done. Once the team is assembled, the PM oversees development and is instrumental in final integration. 

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Project management

design. execute. deliver.

The project manager is not only responsible for planning and top level design, he or she also coordinates all activity for their particular project. With the vision of an end product, the project manager assembles the ideal team for a specific application and then facilitates the necessary communication channels between the contractors, while providing aid when necessary and overseeing progress. 

Project planning

budget, resource allocation and design paradigm