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We are continually developing lasting relationships with the worlds top suppliers. With our combined sourcing experience, we know where to go for a quality parts and, because we have strategic partnerships with our suppliers, we get the best pricing and support available. The value add from our sourcing expertise does not end at the prototype delivery. The parts chosen for a particular design are carefully documented so it's easy to move to the production phase with our trusted suppliers. We also have partners that can provide production support to help you transition your product into the real world.


nuts and bolts

With experience in IP ratings and shock testing, we can pick the right screw for the harsh environmental/operating conditions.


From antennas to batteries, our team can spec and source accessory components to compliment the product design.

pcb components

We have relationships with various component manufacturers and distributors resulting in the right part for the right price.

system Devices

A product is only as good as the parts used to build it. LCDs, keypads, we know where to find custom system components.


A great way to increase quality is to use the right tool for the job. We choose optimal instruments to get it made right.


We work with various Original Equipment Manufacturers for semi-custom parts tailored to the specific application.

our network of distributors includes...