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We want every customer to be a major part of the process. We strive to provide constant feedback and fast communication to address any issues and design decisions as early as possible and we send periodic design briefs to keep the customer in the loop. Here is one snippet we used to show the customer our concept for a custom light pipe system for their product.


communication is our main priority

Using various Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools, a real-life rendering of the device can be created before making a tangible prototype. This allows us to provide immediate feedback to our customers without the costs of producing an actual prototype. Once the form factor is approved by the customer, we can 3D print initial prototypes and eventually move to production tooling once the design is finalized.


real-life design images

Embedded prototypes

Off-the-shelf hardware to show functionality

For our embedded designs, we like to first use off-the-shelf hardware, along with some custom firmware, to demonstrate the functionality of the device. This allows the customer to get a quick-turn prototype which they can then test and gather some initial feedback. This saves the up-front cost of a custom PCB until after the customer has had a chance to play around with a tangible prototype. We use manufacturer-provided development boards for the processing and can attach various sensors and user interface modules to create the initial proof-of-concept prototype. Once the customer approves, we then move to a custom circuit board design.