LED Sign

A proof-of-concept prototype

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This was more of an art project than that of engineering but was fun nonetheless. We were able to find some boards lying around the office that we could cut and splice together to make the circuitry which was simply glued down to the inside of the enclosure to keep things lean.

We then used Solidworks CAD to design the enclosure and added the various parts to the assembly to see how it would look. The design included a power switch on the side, some clips to attach the device and a shelf to hold the light guide and protective glass. 

We then 3D printed the enclosure parts, sanded and painted everything, then hot glued the circuitry and battery compartment to the inside to complete the prototype. The inside wasn't pretty (but didn't need to be and reduced the design cost/time) but the outside came out nice enough for our customer to pitch it to potential investors.