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A Design Verification and Test (DVT) plan is started at the beginning of each project. This document compliments the initial specifications and insures that each individual requirement is met and accounted for. This DVT plan evolves with the design process and is then finalized as the design is realized. The prototype is then carefully scrutinized at each step of the testing phase to make sure it works as expected, in every possible situation.


You do not want to be a test unit in our lab

Each piece of the design may work perfectly by itself but a system requires precise calibration between each of it's components. During the optimization phase, the system is tuned to perform well in all operating conditions. Electronic filters/sensors are mathematically analyzed, mechanical components are perfected and specialty components receive a scientific review.


completing the puzzle


with a working prototype, we can then optimize for best performance/stability

Our team consists of designers, tinkerers and hands-on system integrators. With the large picture in mind, our team qualifies each component and fits them together into one contiguous prototype. Product assembly plans are constructed during this phase, ensuring a smooth transition to manufacturing for the customer. Once the prototype is assembled and operating as a self-contained unit, it is carefully optimized and put through rigorous testing.