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Modern collaboration technologies enable our designers to create integrated, professional and innovative designs that truly enchant the end user. With the project manager at the helm, the engineers, artists and designers work in parallel to accelerate the design process. Our inventors have professional experience across many industries and specialties which sum to form an exceptional design team. 

Our specialty lies in product development, from mechanical design to electronics and software development. If you have a great idea for a product we could help determine the key technologies, create a development plan and then execute the design process, sourcing and integration. On the other hand, if only a specific aspect of a system is required, or you simply need to hack together a circuit for a marketing/sales demo then we can whip up a custom PCB or part. Your access to our networked resources are tailor fit to your project.



Our electrical engineers design modern, efficient circuits and optimize for component cost, life-cycle and performance.


Mobile apps, web apps, database architecture, Linux/Windows development, our team gets it done.


With hardware and firmware design

capabilities, our firm is perfectly aligned to complete an embedded prototype.

systems/Product Design

The project managers handle most of the high-level system design but occasionally experts in specific industries provide aid.


Our mechanical engineers can design a custom part, run stress analysis and even modify and optimize an engine component.

industrial/graphic design

Your product has to stand out. We work with some of the most innovative designers to "make it pop". 

our network of designers includes...