With a $1,000,000+ backing from Indiegogo and a deadline, this customer approached us looking for a total refresh on their product. They wanted a modern electrical design and to step up the look. We designed a PCA along with necessary firmware, custom plastic enclosure, custom packaging and managed production of over 5,000 units... All in under 6 months. 



Phone Case

3-D mechanical model 

Our mechanical design team threw this model together in a jiffy as the customer was on a tight schedule. They wanted a hard plastic case surrounded by a rubber-like overmold for grip, designed for a specific phone model. Here's what we came up with.

This customer had a simple color-changing lamp and wanted to add functionality for a new product. We created a custom PCB with a microprocessor so we could take control of the logic in their current module, then wrote the accompanying firmware to control the system. The customer then took the new electrical design to market with their off-the-shelf hardware case.

LED Light control board

Custom PCB and software design

This customer came to us with a mechanical design and needed the PCB and piezoelectric buzzer designed. Coupled with an acoustic chamber on the mechanical prototype, this little guy packs an audible punch. 

Audible Siren

Custom PCB Design

This customer had a line of products and wanted a battery pack to add mobility to their line. Working with their mechanical engineers, we designed a custom PCB and battery pack, then found the associated suppliers for the system parts.

MP3 player with extras

prototype pcb design and system integration

This next design was for an initial prototype. The customer wanted to showcase a proof-of-concept model with working electronics, but without the expense of a custom PCB. We outsourced a cheap MP3 player reference design circuit and modded it with a couple of custom prototype circuits to create a module that they could integrate into their hardware. 

UV Disinfection Lamp system

sourcing and integration

A customer came to us looking for a UV lamp and power circuitry for a disinfection application. With a case already in the works, they needed the lighting system designed and sourced. We found a light bulb manufacturer and worked with them to design the lamp and circuit. After testing multiple samples, we integrated the final electrical system into the mechanical prototype, along with a custom PCB for user interaction.

This battery pack was designed for a customer with a product design already in the works. They had the mechanical design well underway and came to us for a circuit design and battery sourcing. We found a supplier for a custom Li-Ion battery pack and got to work on the PCB.

Li-Ion battery POWERED unit

Battery sourcing and electrical system design

The example walks through a full product design cycle. The customer had a vision for the device, and even a working proof-of-concept. They came to us to develop a professional prototype to show to customers. We'll walk you through the high-level conceptualization, design plan and creation of this custom prototype. 


full product design

This section describes a few case studies. These projects are representative of some of the core competencies here at Protobee, and illustrate some of our processes in terms of real-world product designs.


some examples of our designs

LED Driver

a quick custom PCB design and prototype

Wearable Device 

Flex pcB and mechanical design

With a working controller PCA, we dialed in the industrial design which led to the design decision to split the electronics into 2 PCAs to fit the mechanical design intent. With working boards, we dialed in the mechanical actuations and sizing, firmware and system to arrive at a full prototype to deliver to the customer to take to market. With this version of the electronics, we delivered a custom USB command line interface as well as Bluetooth Low Energy.

One of our bread-and-butter services is embedded PCB design. For this project, we designed a custom board, sourced/populated the components and delivered a fully working prototype.

Bluetooth personal wellness device

Phase 1 - custom pcb, firmware and enclosure

For this project, we designed a few iterations of a custom PCA along with accompanying algorithms to meet the customer's objectives. It included an exercise to miniaturize the board and some pretty complex algorithms to run the system. We finished it off with a quick custom enclosure to protect the electronics and some 3D printed prototypes.

Wearables are always fun to design and require some creative thinking exercises to reduce thickness and make it comfortable to wear. This project included a custom PCA design as well as various enclosure prototypes so the customer could figure out which one fit just right.

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While designing their medical device, this design lab enlisted our services to design an LED module to be used with the main light guide for their system. We designed a custom PCB and delivered 3 prototypes all within 1 week. We also assembled a small test jig for use when determining the desired brightness levels for the LEDs with their customer.

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Flex technology isn't new but now that the production side is maturing, prices are coming down and it's becoming the solution of choice to connect boards in awkward or tight locations. We've recently produced multiple custom flex cable designs for things like heaters and IR remote receivers.

This was a quick project to provide a customer with a prototype to show to potential investors. It took all of a few days to hammer out because it didn't require a custom PCB, we just needed to cram a few boards we already had lying around into a custom 3D printed enclosure and sand/paint it for a nice finish.

LED Sign

a proof-of-concept prototype

Flex Cable Designs

custom flexible circuit board design

Bluetooth personal wellness device

Phase 2 - polished product design